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Batch Cloneit Application as Backup Apk

This is application of cloneit can backup and transfer application. Everybody knows that the Backup is transfer file to another place. It is following where you will transfer file to other. This application can use as Phone contact, message and Android application, Video and audio.

It is working for how much file do you have in android smartphone, it can transfer to other Phone. I hope you will understand article now. Right, I would like to share about Cloneit can backup and Transfer 12 types. It is mobile data from one phone to another in two easy steps, without the need for a cable, a computer or network.

It is 12 types of mobile data can be transferred. There is including contects, messages,(SMS, MMS), call logs, applications, appdata. all types of file in SD cared.

It is following system of working in this application, it is like the best transferring speed is up to 20M/s which is 200 items faster than bluetooth.

1. Click” Receiver” on the new phone and click ” Sender” on the old one.

2.After they find and connect to each other, select types of mobile data for replication on the old phone and click ” Clonfit” you will say ” woow”

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