English Conversations

Why we need to improve English in daily life

The writer could share one of development in English. It looks like story therefore the audio must write end of this Post, after that you will get something here about knowledge of Development.

Having to talk with Other with English, They have few world to speak with you. When you have to speak English other. It is following the store

Jack is meeting beautiful girl at company. Jack is also new stuff in the company,  he is good employer at there. But She has ready boyfriend. Therefore he is very difficult to comment with her.

One day, She is coming to meet jack and then they are talking where are you living? and Fun but he is sad because he was seeing near her to her boyfriend. Just moment, he was sad again to talk with her.

He is talking her boyfriend how are you? When he told but he dose not reply to him, because the Girl is saying to him directly he is my boyfriend. oh, Nice to meet you, gay. How are you? And how about today about work. He said that it is good to work here, have fun.

Moreover, the girl is going to talk me. Where are you coming from? Jack said that I AM FROM MYANMAR. Jack is happy to talk with her. Because Jack is like so much.Even he does not have to talk them. He is keeping the smile for them. When he is working to control the Talking of them, he is working good. Because he is trying to work about Business.

Why?, He has been finishing Master of business administration, he knows the processing of marketing and management of customers, therefore the manager is like him so much because he is trying to work business in Company. And then he is a good boy in Company. All customers ask him, he can answer to customer feedback, it is meaning that he is good and smart, Hard work for company to development.

The writer will write next part, if you have interest this story you can comment and take at comment what do you have free in the post. I hope you will interest it and wait the post of writing here. Thanks