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English Skills to Conversation For Myanmar People Part Four

This lesson is that there are looking up. I hope you are learning English Learner in daily. If you are going to use this Lesson and you can listen and answer to question. If you have said to writer, you need to write at comment. I hope that you will be happy to study here.

Chris: Hi, I’m Chris, and welcome to The English We Speak. It’s a nice day here in London, so I’ve come outside to meet Helen. Ah, there she is! Helen, how are you?
Helen: I’m… fine… thanks.
Chris: What are you doing? What are you looking at?
Helen: I’m looking up.
Chris: R-Right. But I can’t see anything.
Helen: Neither can I.
Chris: Have you seen an aeroplane or something?
Helen: Not sure…

Chris: Maybe a bird?
Helen: Well, apparently things are looking up.
Chris: Things are looking up?
Helen: Yes, Rosie told me that the weather has been sunny for the last three days, so things are looking up. I thought I’d come and see for myself… But there’s not much going on to be honest.
Chris: Ah, I think you’ve misunderstood. Rosie didn’t mean there are things up in the sky.
Helen: Really? What do you mean?

Chris: It’s an expression. You use the phrase ‘things are looking up’ when you want to suggest that conditions are getting better or more positive.

Helen: Oh, right…
Chris: Here are some examples:
My wife and I both found great new jobs last month, so things are looking up.
Things are finally looking up now that he’s recovered from his illness.
Helen: So when Rosie told me that things were looking up, she meant that the weather has been getting better at the moment.

Chris: Yes, she’s suggesting that it looks like the weather in general is improving. So what do you think? Do you think the weather is getting better?
Helen: So far, yes, yesterday was really hot. I hope it lasts for the weekend… But if things get worse, would you say, ‘things are looking down’?

Chris: Not really. Instead, you could say: “It’s taken a turn for the worse”.
Helen: It’s taken a turn for the worse. That’s a useful phrase.
Chris: Oh, but hang on… look at that black cloud in the sky. It looks like it might rain after all. That’s typical English weather!
Helen: Oh great. Things really have taken a turn for the worse! Quick, let’s get back to the office before it rains.
Chris: Let’s go! Do join us again for another edition of The English We Speak and visit our website,  Bye!
Helen: Bye!