Watch This Before Perceiving It Negatively

I remember last three years ago, for my Bachelor certifications I had to do final assignments on “Meditation and Teenagers.” I was interviewing university students and most of them said “we are living in a world that is obsessed with materialistically and people like and love money, power, and materially fulfilled life.

Dharma, Meditation and the other classic kinds of stuff are useless, not worthy enough to go along the modern world. Instead of Dharma, Meditation and the other classic kinds of stuff, people should educate in business, marketing, and the internet, etc. because these things give foods when we are hungry, give clothes when we are naked, give shelters when we are homeless but, not the Dharma, Meditation and Philosophies.”

I was shocked a bit but, then I tried to realize their words, intentions, and expectations.

But, I just would like to remind the Buddha’s words if those students are watching this video.

Dhammo Have Rakkhati Dhamma Cari
Chattam Mahantam Viya Wassa Kalo

Dharma is always with the person who likes, love, learn and practice the Dharma. Protect him. Give him shelter when needed the most. Just like an umbrella protects a man in heavy rain, give shelter in hot weather.

Therefore, learn, live, love and practice the Dharma. The Dharma will protect you back.

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