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Why should not you judge others without knowing their story behind

One day, the father and son were traveling on the train. The son has never been seen the train and was super excited. mmUniToolkit Myanmar Unicode Toolki

He looked out of the window and started shouting out loud. “Dad, look outside. The mountains. The trees. The rivers. The birds. The cows – all are running behind us.”
He looked up and exclaimed again. “Dad. Look at the sky – the clouds are running with us.”

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Now, after looking at the boy’s wired words and acts, the couples who were sitting beside them, couldn’t resist, control and said “why don’t you take your son to the hospital and talk to the good doctor. He seems mentally abnormal.”

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The father smiled and said. “I did and we’re just backing from the hospital. He was blind for his whole childhood-life. He just got eyes and the visions and he is very happy after seeing all this beauty of the world.” He took a deep breath and continued. “Actually, he is mentally normal.”

The couples couldn’t speak even a word.

They were speechless.

Moral of the story is;
Don’t judge anyone. Every single person has a story behind it.

Walk on their shoes, learn the stories and feel their pain.

That is called life.